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Choose the correct path of urine in our body
A. Kidney `to` Ureter `to` Urethra `to` Urinary bladder
B. Kidney `to` Urinary bladder `to` Urethra `to` Ureter
C. Kidney `to` Ureters `to` Urinary bladder `to` Urethra
D. Urinary `to` Bladder `to` Kindney `to` Ureter `to` Urethra

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Correct Answer - c
The correct path of urne is kidney `to` Ureters `to` Urinary bladder `to` Urethra.
The urine formed in each kidney eventually enters a long tube , the ureter, which connects the kidneys with the urinary bladder, Urine is stored in the urinary bladder until the pressure of the expanded bladder leads to the urge, to pass it out through the urethra.

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