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Discuss the effects of deforestation on the following. 

(a) Wild animals 

(b) Environment 

(c) Villages (Rural Areas) 

(d) Cities (Urban Areas) 

(e) Earth f) The next generation

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(a) Wild animals: When forests are cut, the natural habitat of the animals is destroyed. Without the natural habitat the animals are left with no place to live and breed. As a result of this many animals are at the verge of extinction. 

(b) Environment: Environment is adversely affected by deforestation as ecological balance is disturbed. Carbon dioxide is not absorbed by plants and it gets accumulated in the atmosphere to cause global warming which increases the temperature of earth and disturb water cycle. 

(c) Villages (Rural Areas): Deforestation leads to soil erosion and results in flash floods. This hampers agricultural activities and thus disturbs the people in rural areas. 

(d) Cities (Urban Areas): Deforestation in cities can increase the risk of many natural calamities such as floods and droughts in that area. 

(e) Earth: The whole earth is full of various ecosystems which together make the biosphere. Deforestation disturbs the balance in the biosphere. It disturbs climatic patterns. 

(f) The next generation: They will not be able to see wide variety of flora and fauna also not get clean and cool environment. They will have to breathe poisonous gas. Life would be very difficult for the next generation.

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