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What will happen if: 

(a) we go on cutting trees. 

(b) the habitat of an animal is disturbed. 

(c) the top layer of soil is exposed.

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(a) If we go on cutting trees then: 

(i) Earth will lose its top fertile soil layer and get converted into desert. 

(ii) The ecological balance will get disturbed and floods and drought will become more frequent. 

(iii) Wildlife will also be affected. 

(b) The habitat of an animal provides it with necessities such as shelter, food, and protection. If the habitat of an animal is disturbed, then it will be forced to go to other places in search of food and shelter. The animal could get killed by other animals in this process. 

(c) If the top layer of soil is exposed, then it will gradually expose the lower layer of soil, which is hard and rocky in nature. This type of soil is less fertile as it contains less humus. Continued soil erosion will make the land barren or infertile.

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