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An electric motor takes `5 A` from a `220 V` line. Determine the power and energy consumed in `2 h`.

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Here, Voltage, `V = 220 V`
And, Current, `I = 5A`
Now, Power, `P = V xx I`
So, `P = 220 xx 5W`
`P = 1100 W`
Thus, the power of the motor is 1100 watts.
Now, Power, `P = 1100W` (Calculate above)
Time, `t = 2h`
`= 2 xx 60 xx 60 s`
`= 7200 s`
So, Energy, `E = P xx t`
`E = 1100 xx 7200 J`
`E = 7.92 xx 10^(6)J`
Thus, the energy consumed is `7.92 xx 10^(6)` joules.

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