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In the following statements, tick ‘T’ against those which are true and ‘F’ against those which are False. 

(a) Sound cannot travel in vacuum. 

(b) The number of oscillations per second of a vibrating object is called its time period. 

(c) If the amplitude of vibration is large, sound is feeble. 

(d) For human ears, the audible range is 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. 

(e) The lower the frequency of vibration, the higher is the pitch. 

(f) Unwanted or unpleasant sound is termed as music. 

(g) Noise pollution may cause partial hearing impairment.

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(a) True 

(b) False 

(c) False 

(d) True 

(e) False 

(f) False 

(g) True 

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