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Examine the advantages of water transport in India. Also write the major waterways in India.

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Advantages of water transport : 

  • The cheapest means of transport. 
  • Suitable for large scale cargo transport. 
  • Does not cause environmental pollution. 
  • Most suited for international trade. 
  • Waterways in India : Inland water transport and marine transport are the two classifications.

Inland water transport : Water bodies like rivers, lakes and canals are used for inland water transport.

  • Inland water transport in India is largely concentrated in, 
  • Ganga-Brahmaputra rivers and their tributaries. 
  • Godavari-Krishna rivers and their tributaries. 
  • Buckingham canal of Andhra-Tamil Nadu region. 
  • Mandovi and Zuvari rivers of Goa. 
  • Backwaters of Kerala.

 National Waterways of India :

  • NW 1 : Allahabad to Haldia in river Ganga (1620 km) 
  • NW 2 : Sadia to Dubri in river Brahmaputra (891 km) 
  • NW 3 : West Coast Canal in Kerala from Kollam to Kottappuram (205 km)
  • NW 4 : Canal from Kakinada to Puducherry linking Godavari-Krishna (1095km) 
  • NW 5 : Brahmani – Mahanadi delta river system linked to east-coast canal (623 km)

Marine transport : There are about 12 major and 185 minor ports situated in the west and east coasts of India. These ports have great significance in international trade.

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