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Krisha of class ‘ took about 1g solid NaCl in a clean and dry test tube and had set up the apparatus as shown in the above figure. She added some concentrated sulphuric acid to the test tube. Gas came out of the delivery tube. She tested the gas evolved successively with dry and wet blue litmus paper.

1. Which gas is coming out of the delivery tube?

(i) NaCl gas

(ii) HCl gas

(iii) NO gas

(iv) None of these

2. In which case does the litmus paper will change colour?

(i) Wet blue litmus paper

(ii) Dry blue litmus paper

(iii) Both A and B

(iv) None of these

3. True or false. Dry HCl does not contain any hydrogen ions \((H^+)\) in it , so it does not show acidic behaviour so HCl gas does not change the colour of the dry blue litmus paper.

(i) TRUE

(ii) FALSE

4. HCl shows ______ properties because \(H^+\) ions are produced when HCl dissolves in water.

(i) Basic 

(ii) Acidic

(iii) Neutral

(iv) None of these

5. Dry HCl gas is acidic in nature. Yes or No?

(i) YES

(ii) NO

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1. (ii) HCl gas

2. (i) Wet blue litmus paper

3. (i)TRUE

4. (ii) Acidic

5. (i) YES

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