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Assertion: Interphase is resting stage.
Reason: The interphase cell is metabolically inactive.
A. If both assertion `&` Reason are True `&` the Reason is a corrrect explanation of the Asserion.
B. If both Assertion `&` Reason are True but Reason is not correct explanation of the Assertion.
C. If Assertion is Trie but the Reason is False.
D. If both Assertion `&` Reason are false

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Correct Answer - c
Previousl interphase is called resting stage because there is no apparent activity related to cell division. The interphase cell is metaboliclityquite active. Interphase consist of three subsphases `(G_(2),G_(2) "and" S)`. Synthesis of ENA occurs in S phase. `G_(1)` is the period between the end of mitosis and the start of S phase. `G_(2)` is the interval between S phase and start of mitosis. As the synthesis of DNA occurs in S phase so it is considred as metabolically active phase.

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