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Complete the table of details about shells and sub shells.

  Shell  K1  L2  M3   N4
 Sub shell
  No.of Electrons

a. No of electrons in KLMN shell. 

b. No of electrons in each shell.

 Shell   S  P  d   f
  No. of Electronic  
c. Which sub shell is common to all sub shells? 
d. Write names of sub shells in accordance with increasing energy level,
e. Identify the incorrect sub shell electronic configuration. 
– 1s2 
– ls2 2p6 
– ls2 2s2 2p6
– ls2 2s2 2p63s23p2

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  Shell K1 L2   M3    N4
  Sub shell  s  s   p  s  p  d  s  p  d  f
   No. of Electrons  2  2  6  2  6   10   2  6  10   14

a, K – 2 ; L – 8 ; M – 18 ; N – 32

  Shell  s   p  d    f
 No. of Electrons   2   6  10  14 

c. s- Sub shell

d. 1s <2s <2p <3s <3p <4s <3d <4p <5s <4d <5p <6s <4f <5s 

e. 1s2 2p6

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