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Ravi is very curious to know why the bags of chips are half filled, he asks this question to his friend ramu and ramu tells that chips manufacturers usually Cush bags of chips with gas to prevent the chips from getting spoiled.

1. Oxidation of oils or fats in food resulting in bad taste and smell is known as ?

(i) Corrosion

(ii) Rancidity

(iii) Acidity

(iv) Erosion

2. Which of the following is the method to prevent rancidity?

(i) Vaccum packaging

(ii) Adding antioxidants

(iii) Replacing air by nitrogen

(iv) All of the above

3. State true or false : Rancidity is an reduction reaction.

(i) TRUE

(ii) FALSE

4. Which of the following statement(s) is (are) true about rancidity?

(i) It is an oxidation reaction

(ii) It results in bad taste and smell

(iii) It takes place in oils and fats

(iv) All of the above

5. Oil and fat containing food items are flushed with which gas?

(i) Oxygen

(ii) Nitrogen

(iii) Carbon dioxide

(iv) Sulphur dioxide

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1. (ii) Rancidity

2. (iv) All of the above

3. (ii) FALSE

4. (iv) All of the above

5. (ii) Nitrogen

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