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A convex mirror has a wider view than a plane mirrors Convex mirrors are used as blind corner mirrors on the road to help drivers view traffic around sharp corners.

1. State true or false : 

As the distance of the object from the mirror increases, the distance of the image also increases.



2. State the principle used in creating a mirror image.

a. Principle of reflection

b. Principle of refraction

3. A 2.0 cm tall object is placed perpendicular to the principal axis of a convex lens of focal length 10 cm. The distance of the object from the lens is 15 cm. Find its magnification.

a. -1

b. -2

c. -3

d. -4

4. Where should an object be placed in front of a convex lens to get a real image of the size of the object?

a. At the principal focus of the lens.

b. At twice the focal length.

c. At infinity

d. Between the optical centre of the lens and its principal focus.

5. If a virtual image is formed 10.0 cm along the principal axis from a convex mirror of focal length -15.0 cm, what is the object distance from the mirror?

a. 30 cm

b. 10 cm

c. 6 cm

d. 3 cm

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1. a. TRUE

2. a. Principle of reflection

3. b. -2

4. b. At twice the focal length.

5. a. 30 cm

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