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Look at the above picture which shows reproductive system. On the basis of your understanding of 'Human reproduction, answer the following questions:

1. Mode of reproduction in human is -

(i) sexual

(ii) asexual

2. The above picture shows:

(i) human male reproductive system

(ii) human female reproductive system

3. Is the picture correctly labelled ?

(i) YES

(ii) NO

4. The formation of germ-cells or sperms takes place in the

(i) ureter

(ii) bladder

(iii) testes

(iv) urethra

5. Which of the following is not a part of the male reproductive system in human beings ?

(i) Vas deferens

(ii) urethra

(iii) penis

(iv) ovary

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1. (i) sexual

2. (i) human male reproductive system

3. (i) YES

4. (iii) testes

5. (iv) ovary

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