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Enlist the committees for organizing sports event and explain any eight committees in detail ?

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Various committees are formed for systematic and smooth conduct of competition / tournament.
1. Committee for publicity.
2. Transport committee
3. Boarding and loading committee.
4. Decoration and ceremony committee
5. Grounds & equipment committee
6. Refreshments and entertainment committee
7. Reception committee
8. Committee on entries and programmers.
Committee for officials.
10. Announcement committee
11. First aid committee
12. Accreditation committee
1. Committee for publicity: The committee for publicity announces the date, venues and sports even advance information to the institution and printing etc. Its main responsibility is to advertise the sports events. 

2. Transports committee:- This committee is responsible for providing the facilities regarding transportation of various team to the venue of sports event or to the place of boarding and loading as the case may be. 

3. Boarding and loading committee :- Boarding and loading committee is responsible for making necessary arrangement for providing accommodation and serving meals to the sports persons and officials. 

4. Ground and equipment committee :- This committee is responsible for making the grounds or laying out the track and field this committee also makes necessary arrangements of equipments related to the games / athletic meet. 

5. Reception committee :- The members of this committee are responsible to welcome the chief guests at the opening and closing ceremonies it is also the duty of this committee to welcome the other quests and spectators. 

6. Committee for official :- This committee select various officials such as referees judges recorders starters marshals track umpires time keepers and lap scorers for athletic meet and referee umpires time keepers recorders and judges etc. 

7. Announcement committee :- This committee is solely responsible for making various announcement during the sport meet or games this committee announces regarding opening and closing ceremonies. 

8. First aid committee :- First aid committee is headed by a well qualified doctor this committee provide first aid to the victim or affected athlete/ sports person immediately.

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