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In the asexual reproduction method, certain body cells of the parent organism undergo repeated mitotic cell divisions to form two (or more) new organisms of the same kind.

1. Asexual reproduction takes place by ____ different methods.

(i) four

(ii) five

(iii) six

(iv) two

2. In ______, a small part of the body of the parent organism grows out as a 'bud' which then detaches and becomes a new organism.

(i) budding

(ii) Fission

(iii) Spore formation

(iv) Regeneration

3. The above picture shows

(i) budding in hydra

(ii) multiple fission in plasmodium

(iii) binary fission in amoeba

(iv) regeneration in planaria

4. The breaking up of the body of a simple multicellular organism into two (or more) pieces on maturing, each of which subsequently grows to form a complete new organism, is called

(i) fragmentation

(ii) regeneration

(iii) fission

(iv) Spore formation

5. Paramecium reproduces by the method of

(i) binary fission

(ii) multiple fission

(iii) Spore formation

(iv) regeneration

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1. (iii) six

2. (i) budding

3. (ii) multiple fission in plamodium

4. (i) fragmentation

5. (i) binary fission

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