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The food we eat acts as a fuel to provide us energy to do work. Thus the interactions among various components of the environment involves flow of energy from one component of the system to another. The autotrophs capture the energy present in sunlight and convert it into chemical energy. This energy supports all the activities of the living world.

1. Energy is first absorbed by  ________.

a. autotrophs

b. heterotrophs

c. decomposers

d. None of these

2. What is the ultimate source of energy in an ecosystem?

a. Sun

b. Water

c. Air

d. Food

3. In an ecosystem, the energy flow is always

a. Always bidirectional

b. Always unidirectional

c. In any direction

d. Always down directional

4. How can we indicate the accurate energy passed at each trophic level?

a. By the help of pyramid of number

b. By the help of pyramid of biomass

c. By the help of pyramid of energy

d. By the help of pyramid of food web

5. What type of food chain is it? dead animals → blowfly maggot → maggots → frog → snake

a. Decomposer food chain

b. Predator food chain

c. Grazing food chain

d. Detrital food chain

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1. a. autotrophs

2. a. Sun

3. b. Always unidirectional

4. b. By the help of pyramid of biomass

5. d. Detrital food chain

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