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What do you means by intramurals? Mention the significance of intramurals for school children.

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The word intramural (Intra+murals) within+wall, It means that the activities which are performed within the walls or within the campus of an institution are called intramurals. These activities are organized only for the students of a school or institution. No students of other school can participate in these activities intramural competition is one of the best means to motivate. All the students of an institution for taking part in the games and sports “A games for each and each for a game “may be considered the motto of intramurals. These activities are the most pleasurable as well as enjoyable for the students they get maximum educational benefits from such competition so a large number of students must be involved in a wide range of intramurals activities. 

Significance of Intramural :- 

* Intramurals are very significant for physical mental emotional and social development of students. 

* These programmes also lay stress on moral and ethical values of students. 

* Intramurals are necessary for the development of health of children. 

* These programmes are also important to calm down the fighting instinct of children. 

* These programmes refresh the childdren and make them agile. 

* Intramurals provide maximum recreation to the students. 

* Intramurals provide ample opportunities to the students to participate in game and sports. 

* Intramurals are also essential for development the leadership qualities among the students.

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