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Choose the correct option Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association of fungus with root system which helps in
`A`. absorption of water
`B`. mineral nutrition
`C.` translocation
`D`.gaseous exchange.
A. Only`A`
B. Only`B`
C. Both `A` and `B`
D. Both `B` and `C`

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Correct Answer - C
The roots of some higher plants are associated with fungal mycellia. Such an association is called nycorrhiza. It represents a mulualistic (symbiotic) association between the roots system of higher plants and fungal hyphae.The fungal hyphae form a network around the young root and invade the root cells. The extrnal hyphae greatly increase the surface area for absorption of minerals and water from a much larger volume of soil that perhap the roots alone cannot do.

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