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In the above figure, dam is shown. An educational trip is taken for the students by the science teacher. The teacher explained the students about dams construction. She explained by the construction of dams, irrigation is done and it avoids floods etc. She also explained how sustainability is done by the construction of dams.

1. Are dams environmentally friendly?

a. YES

b. NO

2. How do dams positively affect the environment?

a. Storing water

b. Providing renewable energy

c. Preventing floods

d. All of the above

3. Row can we reduce the environmental impact of dams?

a. Reducing soil erosion

b. Reducing sediment in flow into the reservoir

c. Both A and B

d. None of the above

4. What are the problems of dams?

a. Soil erosion

b. Water logging

c. Salinisation

d. All of the above

5. What are the negative impact of dams in environment?

a. Flood control

b. Alter ecosystems

c. Reliable water supply

d. Increase aquifer level

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1. a. YES

2. d. All of the above

3. c. Both A and B

4. d. All of the above

5. b. Alter ecosystems

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