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A science teacher explaining her students about wildlife and sustainability of it. The goal of sustainable development is to provide resources for the use of present populations without compromising the availability of those resources for future generations, and without causing environmental damage that challenges the survival of other species and natural ecosystems. According to the Convention on Biological Diversity, sustainable wildlife management is the sound management of wildlife species to sustain their populations and habitat over time, considering the socioeconomic needs of human populations.

1. What is wildlife sustainability?

a. Wild meat and food security

b. Eating animals

c. Killing animals

d. None of the above

2. How can we sustain wildlife?

a. Eating animals

b. Preserve the environment in which the animals live.

c. Killing animals

d. None of the above

3. Why do we need to protect wildlife?

a. Protection against climate change

b. Nutrient-rich food source

c. Cultural significance

d. All of the above

4. How do animals help the environment?

a. Role in the ecosystem.

b. To bring out the nutrients

c. Help in decomposition

d. All of the above

5. What human activities endanger wildlife?

a. Eating animals

b. Killing animals

c. Unsustainable hunting and harvesting

d. All of the above

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1. a. Wild meat and food security

2. b. Preserve the environment in which the animals live.

3. d. All of the above

4. d. All of the above

5. d. All of the above

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