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List the harmful effects caused by alcohol/drug abuse.

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Alcohol and drugs have several adverse effects on the individual, his family, and the society.
Effects of alcohol:
Effects on the individual: Alcohol has an adverse effect on the body of an individual. When an individual consumes excess alcohol, it causes damage to the liver and the nervous system. As a result, other symptoms such as depression, fatigue, aggression, loss of weight and appetite may also be observed in the individual. Sometimes, extreme levels of alcohol consumption may also lead to heart failure, resulting coma and death. Also, it is advisable for pregnant women to avoid alcohol as it may inhibit normal growth of the baby.
Effects on the family: Consumption of excess alcohol by any family member can have devastating effects on the family. It leads to several domestic problems such as quarrels, frustrations, insecurity, etc.
Effects on the society:

  • Rash behavior
  •  Malicious mischief and violence
  •  Deteriorating social network
  •  Loss of interest in social and other activities

Effects of drugs:
An individual who is addicted to drugs creates problems not only for himself but also for his family.
Effects on the individual: Drugs have an adverse effect on the central nervous system of an individual. This leads to the malfunctioning of several other organs of the body such as the kidney, liver, etc. The spread of HIV is most common in these individuals as they share common needles while injecting drugs in their body. Drugs have long-term side effects on both males and females. These side effects include increased aggressiveness, mood swings, and depression
Effects on the family and society: A person addicted to drugs creates problems for his family and society. A person dependant on drugs becomes frustrated, irritated, and anti-social.

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