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Distinguish between the following:
(a) Hibernation and Aestivation
(b) Ectotherms and Endotherms

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(a) Hibernation and Aestivation

Hibernation Aestivation
Hibernation is a state of reduced activity in some organisms to escape cold winter conditions Aestivation is a state of reduced activity in some organisms to escape desiccation due 
Bears and squirrels inhabiting cold regions are examples of animals that hibernate during winters Fishes and snails are examples of organisms aestivating during summers. 

(b) Ectotherms and Endotherms

Ectotherms Endotherms
Ectotherms are cold blooded animals. Their temperature varies with their surroundings.  Endotherms are warm blooded animals. They maintain a constant body temperature. 

Fishes, amphibians, and reptiles are ectothermal animals.

Birds and mammals are endothermal animals 

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