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(a) Explain the terms ‘analogous organs’ and ‘homologous organs’ with examples. 

(b) In what way are analogous organs evidence for evolution ?

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(a) Analogous Organs: Organs which performs similar function but are different in structure  and origin. Example – wings of a bird and wings of an insect. Homologous Organ: Organs  which have different functions but similar structure and origin. Example – fore arm of frog,  lizard, bird and human.

(b) The presence of analogous organs indicates that even the organisms having organs with  different structures can adapt to perform similar functions for their survival under hostile  environmental conditions. Thus, the presence of analogous organs in different animals  provide evidence for evolution by telling us that though they are not derived from common  ancestors, they can still evolve to perform similar functions to survive, flourish and keep on  evolving in the prevailing environment.

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