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Pick out the lines from the text which show that:

(a) Soapy wants to enter the cafe for two reasons.

(b) Soapy was afraid that he won’t be able to enter the prison.

(c) Soapy was not caught by the cop for throwing stones at the glass.

(d) Soapy actually did not want the umbrella.

(e) Listening to the anthem, Soapy remembered his good old days.

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a. 1. A roasted mallard duck, thought Soapy, would be about the thing with a bottle of wine and then some cheese, a cup of coffee and a cigar. 

2. The meat would leave him filled and happy for the journey to his winter island.

b. It seemed that his route to the coveted island was not to be an easy one. Some other way of entering the limbo must be devised.

c. 1. The policeman refused to accept Soapy even as a clue. 

2. The policeman saw a man half-way down the block running to catch a car. With drawn club he joined in the pursuit.

d. He hurled the umbrella angrily into the excavation.

e. He had known it well in the days when his life contained such things as mothers and roses and ambitions and friends and immaculate thoughts and collars.

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