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‘Forgiveness is often better than punishment’. Write two paragraphs – one for and another against this notion.

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1. To err is human, to forgive is divine. We all make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. That is why we are human. However, mistakes should be forgiven if there is sufficient repentance. Forgiveness will make the guilty person feel ashamed of his conduct and he will not repeat it. It is easy to punish but very difficult to forgive someone. It needs a big heart and a lot of kindness. If we punish the guilty person we will only make him more defiant. If punishing someone could have solved the problem, criminals who have been jailed would never have repeated the crime. But this is not found to be so. Just as God forgives us our mistakes, we should forgive others their mistakes too.

2. Punishment is the only answer Forgiveness may work in certain cases, but there are hardened criminals who will not respond to forgiveness. They will only be stopped by punishment. If a person has murdered another in cold blood, will he improve by forgiveness? Never. He has to be punished severely so that he does not repeat it and society feels safe.

People only fear punishment. It can be easily seen at traffic signals – if there is no policeman to punish you, most people will break the signal. Then there will be chaos. If there is no punishment and no prisons, people will do whatever they want – rob, kill, etc. – and go off freely. No, in a society where it is not possible to expect everyone to have high values, punishment for misdeeds is the only solution.

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