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You are the class representative and you have been asked by the Principal to conduct an interview of a cop. Frame 8-10 questions with the help of the following points, give introduction and conclusion. 

  • reasons for joining the department 
  • special trainings
  • developing the skill to identify and locate criminals 
  • dealing with criminals 
  • achievements and awards

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Good morning, Mr. Pawar. Congratulations on your excellent work in finding the bank robbers. May I ask you a few questions about your life? Thank you. 

1. When did you join the police department? 

2. Which examinations did you have to clear for the post? 

3. What were your reasons for joining the department? 

4. Did you have to go through any special training sessions? 

5. What type of criminals do you come across most in this area-thieves, killers, molesters, etc?

6. How do you identify or locate criminals? 

7. Once you catch the culprit-say a thief how do you deal with him? 

8. Can you tell me something about your achievements and awards? 

9. How can you motivate others to join the force? 

10. Any message to college students? 

Thank you, Sir, for sparing the time for this interview. It will be published in our school magazine. Good day

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