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Write chemical reactions to justify that hydrogen peroxide can function as an oxidising as well as reducing agent.

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Hydrogen peroxide, `H_(2)O_(2)` acts as an oxdizing as well as reducing agent in both basic and alkaline media.
Reaction involving oxidizing actions are:
(1) `2Fe^(2+)+2H^(+)+H_(2)O_(2) to 2Fe^(3+)+2H_(2)O`
(2) `Mn^(2+)+H_(2)O_(2) to Mn^(2+)+2OH^(-)`
(3) `PbS+4H_(2)O_(2) to PbSO_(4)+4H_(2)O`
(4) `2Fe^(+)+H_(2)O_(2) to 2Fe^(3+)+2OH^(-)`
Reactions involving reduction actions are:
`2MnO_(4)^(-)+6H^(+)+5H_(2)O_(2) to 2Mn^(2+)+8H_(2)O+5O_(2)`
(2) `I_(2)+H_(2)O_(2)+2OH to 2l+2H_(2)O+O_(3)`
`HOCl+H_(2)O to H_(2)O^(+)+Cl+O_(2)`
`2MnO_(3)+3H_(2)O to 2MnO_(2)+3O_(2)+2H_(2)P+2OH`

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