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Write short note on : 

Characteristics of the rural community.

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The rural community has the following characteristics: Community living in villages: The villages largely satisfy the needs of their residents. 

They have a sense of togetherness. The development of villages is influenced considerably by the local needs.

Small size: It means that villages are comparatively smaller in size and population density. In the Indian context, a community with a population of about 5000 is designated as a “village”.

The dominance of agriculture: Agriculture is the major occupation in villages. However, it is not to be viewed as the only source of income but also as a way of life that needs to be ascertained. Almost 40% of our national income is obtained through agriculture and more than 60 % of the people still depend on agriculture. It was associated with various crafts like pottery, carpentry, smithy, basket-weaving, etc.

Primary relations: The impact of primary relations is still significant in Indian villages. The relationship is informal, personal, and inclusive. Community spirit prevails over individual interests. The ‘we feeling helps to build social cohesiveness.

Social homogeneity: Homogeneity is an underlying thread due to similarities in the ways of thinking, behaving, dressing, acting, and living. There is a tendency to conform to traditions and customs. Group feeling and mutual cooperation are evident among village dwellers. They cooperate with each other in times of exigencies

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