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Write difference between :

Rural Community and Urban Community.

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Rural Community Urban Community
(i) Size: The rural population constitutes about 68.84 percent of the total population. (i) Size: The urban population constitutes about 31% percent of the total population.
(ii) Density: Villages are comparatively smaller in size and population density. (ii) Density: An urban area is a human settlement with a high population density.
(iii) Occupation: Agriculture is the major occupation in villages. It was associated with various crafts like pottery, carpentry, smithy, basket-weaving, etc. (iii) Occupation: The occupation in urban areas is mainly non-agricultural, i.e., based on manufacturing, trade, and commerce, professional and governance, services, etc.
(iv) Homogeneity/Heterogeneity: Rural areas are homogeneous in nature due to similarities in the ways of thinking, behaving, dressing, acting, and living (iv) Homogeneity/Heterogeneity: Urban areas are heterogeneous in nature, people belonging to diverse groups such as class, occupation, caste, language, and religion, etc., all reside in the same territory.
(v) Status of Women: In rural communities status of women is very low due to the impact of the patriarchal system of the family. (v) Status of Women: The status of women is higher due to factors such as the spread of education, employment opportunities, etc.
(vi) Nature of Relations: The impact of primary relations is significant, in Indian villages. The relationship is informal, face to face Personal, and inclusive. (vi) Nature of Relations: The impact of secondary relations is significant in urban areas characterized by formal interactions, and impersonal relationships.

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