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State whether the following statements are True or False with reasons.

There are a large number of villages which suffer from major problems.

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This statement is True. 

There are a large number of villages that suffer from major problems such as poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, indebtedness, superstition, and the like. Problems faced by the rural community are as follows:

Poverty: Poverty is a socio-economic phenomenon in which a section of rural society is not able to fulfill even its basic necessities of life. A vast majority of the rural population works in villages under the shadow of poverty, unemployment as well as pitiable economic conditions. Large portions of the rural poor are small and marginal farmers, agricultural laborers, and rural artisans.

Illiteracy: High illiteracy rates among children as well as adults continue even to this day because of inadequate budgetary provisions for rural education. The quality of education in rural areas is a matter of grave concern despite various programmes and provisions.

Traditionalism, conservatism, and superstitions: Rural India to date can be called a conservative society because it still holds on to traditional mindsets and beliefs. Conformity to traditional customs, religion, and ways of life is still rampant. There is usually a reluctance to change their way of life and outlook which have encouraged a fatalistic attitude.

Farmers’ suicides: A large percentage of farmers who take their own lives are financially indebted. Undoubtedly, there has been little positive impact of economic reforms in the agricultural sector in India

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