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What is the ecological process behind the biological control method of managing with pest insects?

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1. Pest insects act as prey to predator birds or frogs. 

2. The biological control method consists of releasing the predators in the farms so that they can control the pest population in the natural way. 

3. This also eliminates the use of chemical pesticides. 

4. Frogs are natural predators of locust, therefore the population of this hazardous insect is controlled by frogs and the produce from agricultural farm can be saved.


1. Protocooperation is a type of population interaction where two species interact with each other.

2. Both are benefited but they have no need to interact with each other. 

3. They can survive and grow even in the absence of other species. 

4. Therefore this interaction is purely for the gain that they receive in such type of interaction. 

5. The interaction that occurs can be between different kingdoms.

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