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Ranjana wants to distribute 540 oranges among some students. If 30 students were more each would get 3 oranges less. Find the number of students.

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Let the number of students be x. 

Total number of oranges = 540

∴ the number of oranges each student gets = 540/x

If there were 30 more students, the total number of students = (x + 30) and the total number of oranges each student gets

\(=(\frac{540}{x + 30})\)

According to the given condition,

By using the property, if the product of two numbers is zero, then at least one of them is zero, we get

∴ x + 90 = 0 or x – 60 = 0 

∴ x = – 90 or x = 60

But, number of students cannot be negative,

x = 60

∴ The total number of students is 60.

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