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Give one method for industrial preparation and one for laboratory preparation of `CO` and `CO_(2)` each.

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Caron dioxide
In the laboratory, `CO_(2)` can be prepared by the action of dilute hydrochloric acid on calcium carbonate. The reaction involved is as follows:
`CO_(2)` is commercially prepared by heating limestone. The reaction involved is as follows:
Caron monoxide
In the laboratory, CO is prepared by the dehydration of formic acid with conc. `H_(2)SO_(4)`, at 373 K. The reaction involved is as follows:
`HCOOHoverset("373K")underset("conc". H_(2)SO_(4))rarrH_(2)O+COuarr`
CO is commercially prepared by passing steam over hot coke. The reaction involved is as follows:
`C_((s))+H_(2)O_((g))overset(473-1273K)rarrunderset("water gas")ubrace(CO_((g))+H_(2(g))`

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