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`("Yellow ppt") T overset(K_(2)CrO_(4)//H^(+))(rarr)X overset(dil. HCl)(rarr) Y ("Yellow ppt")+Z uarr ("pungent smelling gas")`
If `X` gives green flame test. Then, `X` is
A. `MgSO_(4)`
B. `BaS_(2)O_(3)`
C. `CuSO_(4)`
D. `PbS_(2)O_(3)`

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Correct Answer - B
`Ba^(2+)` gives green colour in flame test
`BaCrO_(4) rarr` yellow ppt
`BaS_(2)O_(3)` reacts with dil `HCl` & produced `S` (Yellow ppt) & `SO_(2)` pungent smelling gas

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