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Mrs. Swami had a savings bank account with the state bank of India, from 13th Feb 09 to 6th August 09. The following table shows the entries in her passbook for the above said periods. Calculate the interest earned by Mrs. Swami on her S.B. Account up to 31st July 09 at the rate of 5% per annum.

(Dr) Rs P
Deposits (Cr)
Rs. P
Balance Rs. P
Feb 13By Cash500.00500.00
March 3By cheque735.001,235.00
March 14By cheque1,040.002,275.00
May 10To cheque240.002.035.00
May 22To cash430.001,605.00
June 19By Cash780.002,385.00
July 26To cash980.001,405.00

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Minimum balance for Feb. = Rs. 0

Minimum balance for Mar.= Rs. 1,235

Minimum balance for Apr. = Rs. 2,275

Minimum balance for May = Rs. 1,605

Minimum balance for June = Rs. 1,605

Minimum balance for July = Rs. 1,405

Total principal = Rs. 8,125

Rate = 5% p.a. and time = 1/12 year.

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