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As a dairy owner what measures will you adopt to improve the quality of milk?

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1. In order to improve the quality of milk, following measures should be taken at every stage of dairy farming: 

2. Good breeds having high yielding potential should be selected.

3. The breeds selected should be suitable for the local climatic conditions. 

4. The breeds selected should have proper resistance to diseases. 

5. Cattles should be well looked after with proper care. 

6. The feed should be of suitable quality and quantity. Feed includes silage made from legumes, grasses, maize and jowar. Silage should be supplemented with oilcakes, minerals, vitamins and salts. 

7. Utmost care should be taken about cleanliness and hygiene of the cattle as well as the handlers who handle the cattle. 

8. This is especially important during milking, storage and transport of milk and its products. Mechanized processes should be adopted as far as possible as they reduce chance of direct contact of produce with the handlers.

9. The shed must be clean and well maintained. Similarly the dairy should be spacious with adequate facilities for feeding, watering and light. 

10. Help of veterinary doctor should be sought from time to time for the identification of health problems, diseases and rectification. 

11. Transportation of milk, processing, marketing and distribution play a vital role in dairy industry. If all the above care is taken then the quality of milk will surely improve.

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