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Observe the pictures given below.


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(1) Fossils offer palaeontological evidence for the evolutionary process.

(2) Due to some natural calamities the organisms get buried during ancient times.

(3) The impressions and remnants of such organisms remain preserved underground. The hot lava also traps some organisms or their impressions. All such formations form fossils.

(4) Study of fossils help the researcher to understand the characteristics of the organisms that existed in the past.

(5) Carbon dating method also helps in finding out exact age of the fossil. According to the structure of earth’s crust the fossils are obtained at specific depths.

(6) The oldest ones are obtained at the depth while the relatively recent ones occupy the upper surface. Thus fossils of invertebrates were seen in very old Palaeozoic era. Later were seen fossils of Pisces, Amphibia and Reptilia. The Mesozoic era was dominated by reptiles while Coenozoic era showed presence of mammals.

(7) In this way, study of fossils unfold the evolutionary secrets.

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