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Explain the effect of exercise on Circulatory system?

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1. Increase in heart size :- Regular exercis develop the muscles of heart. It increases the size of heart along with the strengthening of heart. Heart becomes efficient in doing it’s job. 

2. Decrease in cholesterol level :- Regular exercise reduces the level of cholesterol in Our blood. The level of cholesterol in our blood is directly linked with blood pressure. Exercise decreases the level of low density protein and increases the level of high density lips protein. It means that exercise decreases the LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (good cholestrol) 

3. Faster adaptation to workload :- Due to the regular exercise, the heart can adapt to working load quickly i.e. quick adjustment of heart according to body needs. 

4. Increase in no. and efficiency of capillaries :- With the regular exercise, efficiency and no. of capillaries are increased with the increase of Muscle mass. The unused and new capillaries become efficient and nurish the various cells efficient and nurish the various cells effectively. 

5. Imporve the working capacity of cardio-vascular system:- Regular exercise Impove cardio-vascular system thus the blood travels faster through the blood vessels and increased circulation of blood makes healing faster.

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