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An object moves from position (6,8) to (12,10) in the x-y plane. Magnitude and direction of displacement is
A. `sqrt(40)` and `18.43^(@)`
B. `sqrt(40)` and `61.56^(@)`
C. 10 and `53^(@)`
D. `sqrt(244)` and `53^(@)`

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Correct Answer - A
Positions of the particle are
`r_(1) = 6 hati +8hatj` and `r_(2) = 12 hati +10 hatj`
`:. Deltar = r_(2) - r_(1) = 6 hati + 2hatj rArr |Deltar| = sqrt(40)`
`theta = tan^(-1) ((Delta y)/(Deltax)) = tan^(-1) ((1)/(3)) = 18.43^(@)`

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