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Bring out the differences between the tropical and temperate deserts in terms of climate and vegetation.

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Tropical Deserts : 

(a) These are located between 15° to 30°North and South latitudes. 

(b) Climate is hot and dry. 

(c) Trees are palm trees, cactus, xerophytic plants. 

(d) Temperature may range from 30°C to 45°C annual rainfall less than 25 cm, winter temperature below 20°C. It is known as the highest range of temperature. 

Temperate Deserts : 

(a) These are found between 40° to 55° North and South latitudes. 

(b) Climate is cold and dry. 

(c) Thorny bushes, long rooted grass, small trees etc. 

(d) Temperature is between 3°C and 12°C, annual rainfall is 20cm to 60 cm. In Calgary region of Canada temperature is -10°C, Range of temperature is moderate.

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