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What are the principles of solid waste management?

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Principles of solid waste management:

  • Reuse: After use, materials should be reused for some other proper purposes. 
  • Refuse: Refusal to use articles made from non- degradable articles like plastic and thermocol. 
  • Recycle: Production of useful articles by recycling solid wastes. For example, paper and glass can be recycled. 
  • Rethink: Rethinking our habits, activities and their consequences in connection with the use of various articles of daily use.
  • Reduce: Restricting the use of resources to avoid their wastage. 
  • Old materials should be reused. One thing should be shared by many, use and throw type of objects should be avoided. 
  • Research: Conducting research related to reuse of materials that are temporarily out of use.
  • Regulation and Public awareness: Following the laws and rules related to waste management and motivating others to do the same.

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