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A cross was carried out between a pure bred tall pea plant and a pure bred dwarf pea plant and F1 progeny was obtained.Later, the F1 progeny was selfed to obtain F2 progeny. Answer the following questions : 

(i) What is the phenotype of the Fprogeny and why ? 

(ii) Give the phenotypic ratio of the F2 progeny. 

(iii) Why is the F2 progeny different from the Fprogeny ?

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(i) The phenotype of F1 progeny is Tt because F1 or hybrid plants were not intermediate between the two alternate forms of a character. They resembled only one parent. In a cross between tall and dwarf of pea plants, the F1 plants were all tall. 

(ii) The phenotypic ratio of F2 progeny is 3: 1. 

(iii) F1 progeny resembled only one parent which is dominant in nature but in F2 progeny phenotypically three plants are tall and one plant is dwarf. But according to genotype ratio, one plant is pure tall, two are hybrid tall and one plant is a pure dwarf.

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