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Read the paragraph and answer the questions given below:

Locomotion is considered as an important j characteristics of the animals. However, animals belonging to Porifera are said to be sedentary. Every 1 other phylum has typical locomotory organs. E.g. Nereis crawls with the help of parapodia, whereas earthworm buries in soil by setae. Spiders have four pairs of walking legs, crab has five while all insects have three pairs of walking legs. The walking legs are also called appendages. Starfish moves with the help of tube feet. Snails and bivalves use muscular foot for locomotion. Birds flying with their spread out wings and fish swimming with their fins, both have spindle-shaped body tapering at both the ends. While flying or swimming such body offers least resistance during locomotion. Mammals have two pairs of limbs while animals like snakes are limbless. Other animals belonging to the class of snakes also have very weak limbs which make them creep on the ground.

i. What are the locomotory organs in phylum Annelida?

ii. Which phylum has a characteristic of jointed appendages?

iii. Which the locomotory organ of animals belong to Phylum Mollusca?

iv. Which class of animals show weak legs?

v. In which class of animals the forelimbs are modified?

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i. Annelidans have parapodia and setae as the locomotory organs.

ii. Phylum Arthropoda has a characteristic of jointed appendages.

iii. Animals belonging to Phylum Mollusca have strong muscular foot which is used for locomotion.

iv. Class Reptilia belonging to subphylum vertebrata show weak legs.

v. Class Aves belonging to subphylum vertebrata have wings which are modified forelimbs.

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