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(a) Explain the process of spermatogenesis in humans.

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(1) It takes in the seminferus tubules of the testes by the repeated division of spermtogonia in male.
(2) Spermatogenesis starts at the age of pubertu due to significant increases in the secretion of gonadotropi9n releasing hormone. These are of two types luteininzing hormone fullicle stimulting hormone.
(3) It occurs in four stages spermatogensis`to` primary spermatocytes `to 1^(st)` meiotic division ` to ` secondary sepermatocytes `to 2^(nd)` meiotic dividion` to ` sepermatids `to` differentiation ` to ` spermatozoa. Spermatogenesis involves the maturation of spermatids in to sperms.
Primary spermatocytes give rise to four spermatozoa.

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