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An inorganic salt when heated with concentrated `H_(2)SO_(4)` evolves a colourless pungent smelling gas but with concentrated `H_(2)SO_(4) " and" MnO_(2)`, evolves a cxoloured pungent smelling gas which bleaches moist litmus paper. The coloured gas is :
A. `NO_(2)`
B. `Cl_(2)`
C. `Br_(2)`
D. `l_(2)`

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Correct Answer - B
`Cl^(-)+H_(2)SO_(4) to HCl uarr ("colourless") HSO_(4^(-))`
`MnO(OH)_(2)+2H_(2)SO_(4)+2Cl^(-) to Mn^(2+) +Cl_(2) uarr ("yellowish green")+2SO_(4)^(2-)+3H_(2)O`
`Cl_(2)+H_(2)O to 2HCl+[O]`
Litmus +[O] `to` colourless oxidised form
`Cl_(2)` is a yellowish green gas which bleaches litmus paper by oxidation.

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