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Please provide me the Summary of godan in 300 words

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Godan, generally considered Premchand's masterpiece, is a story of peasant India. It highlights the struggle between the peasant and the money-lender backed by various forces. It depicts an agricultural community with its hard work and simple pleasures, its exploitations and misery, its frustrations and hopes. Premchand's artistry and realism are at their best in the creation of some of the central characters, particularly that of Hori, who emerges as an immortal symbol of the Indian peasantry. Hori as well can be taken as a symbol of Premchand's own life. Though Premchand had a tendency toward idealization, this novel is realistic, controlled in form and disillusioned in spirit.  

The extract, included here is about an undercover undertaking which Gobar, Hori's child, had with Jhunia, Bhola's girl. Pregnant and startled that her dad will murder her in the event that he finds this, she swings to Gobar for help. Yet, afraid of the results, he stealthily leaves the town. Late in the night Jhunia goes to Hori's hovel, yet he is in the fields. Jhunia concedes her quandary to Dhania, Hori's better half. She hurries to Hori. Annoyed and maddened, they concur not to offer safe house to Jhunia. Slowly, however, as they are strolling back to the cabin, their determination gives away, and their despise transforms into love. They allow Jhunia to remain with them, in spite of the fact that they realize that this will mean distancing the whole town.   

Premchand composed an uncovered, basic, true writing. His language is neither the rich Urdu not the pretentious Hindi. Rather he utilized normal center Hindustani, the discourse of millions in upper India, and a medium especially suited to his themes.

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