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Define the following:

1. Domestication

2. Livestock

3. Shearing

4. Poultry

5. Apiculture

6. Sericulture

7. Piggery

8. Hatchery

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1. Domestication: The keeping of animals for specific purposes is called


2. Livestock: All domestic useful animals constitute livestock. Examples: cattle, sheep, camel, pigs, etc.

3. Shearing: Removal of wool from the sheep is called shearing.

4. Poultry: The practice of keeping and breeding of useful animals which provide us meat and eggs is called poultry.

5. Apiculture: The rearing of honeybees on a large scale is known as apiculture.

6. Sericulture: The art of rearing and management of silk moths for the production of silk is called sericulture.

7. Piggery: The management and rearing of pigs is called piggery.

8. Hatchery: Hatcheries are the incubators in poultry farms where hatching is done

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