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In spite of economic reforms China accepted dominance of only one party. Is China a democratic nation?

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  • After the Communist revolution in 1948 China became a republic. 
  • After the formation of the republic, the Communist party of China became a dominant party. 
  • All the offices in the party are elected through internal elections. 
  • But in practice, there is dictatorship of the Communist party. Democracy is for namesake in China. 
  • In such a situation, the people do not enjoy freedom as in true democracy. 
  • However, China accepted economic reforms and became part of World Trade Organization. 
  • Another challenge before democratic nations is to ensure that democracy becomes deep rooted. 
  • Freedom, equality, fraternity and justice, peace, development and humanitarianism are the values that should be practiced at all levels of the society. 
  • The mass support for this purpose can be gathered only through democratic means.

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