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Some Amazing Vedic Maths Tricks for Fast Calculation

Some vedic maths tricks

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Ever lost marks due to silly mistakes??

There are just 5 Vedic maths tricks for faster calculations that is going to make you to score good marks.

1. Multiply a number by 9:


It will help you a lot for bigger calculation.


2. Multiply a number by 11:

Shift the number by one unit and add to same number.






For this method you should remember square of all numbers till 25.

5. Multiply two different 2 digit numbers:




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for squaring you don't have to take any base.
You can do it like this:
for eg:
sq. of 32 :
We'll take the nearest ten
So, nearest 10 of 32 is 30
Now, 32 is two more than 30
so, we'll multiply 30 x (32+2)i.e, 30 x 34 = 1020
now we'll add sq. of 2 in the resulting product as above
i.e, 1020 + 4 = 1024
Therefore, sq. of 32 is 1024

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