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Select the odd man out:

1. Skin, Brain, Kidneys, Lungs.

2. Gum, Resin, Urea, Latex.

3. Gibberellin, Auxin, Thyroxine, Cytokinin.

4. Dendrite, Cell body, Axon, Synapse.

5. Thyroxine, Calcitonin, Insulin, Auxin.

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1. Brain – It is a controlling organ whereas the others are excretory organs.

2. Urea – It is an excretory product of animals whereas the others are excretory products of plants.

3. Thyroxine – It is a hormone in animals whereas the others are hormones in plants.

4. Synapse – It is a minute space between two adjacent neurons whereas the others are parts of the neuron.

5. Auxin – It is a plant hormone whereas the others are hormones in human beings.

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