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Explain how food and other substances are transported in plants?


Explain translocation in plants.

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  • The food produced in leaves is transported to each cell in the plant body. 
  • Excess food, except amino acids, is stored in roots, fruits and seeds. This process is called translocation of materials. 
  • It is carried out in both the upward and downward directions by the phloem. 
  • Translocation is not a simple process, it requires energy. This energy is obtained from ATP. 
  • Whenever food material like sucrose is transported towards a part of a plant via the phloem with the help of ATP, the water concentration decreases in the part. As a result, water enters the cell by the process of diffusion.
  • The pressure on the cell wall increases due to increase in cellular contents. 
  • Due to the increase pressure, food is pushed into the neighbouring cells where the pressure is low.
  • This process helps the phloem to transport the materials as per the need of the plant. During flowering season, the sugar stored in roots or stem is transported towards the floral buds to make them open and blossom.

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